Dug out and relaid our horrible driveway. They did a fabulous job. Exceeded our expectations. This contractor took the time to meet with us before, during, and after installation, and made calls to us in between. This is a family owned business that gives a personal touch, is well priced, and does a fab job. Highly recommend.

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Blacktop — Asphalt Patching

Asphalt paving is a popular choice when it comes to driveways and roads in residential areas. It can be easily applied and used almost immediately. Another great thing about residential asphalt is that it is skid-resistant, making it a highly recommended material especially for sloped driveways. Asphalt, or blacktop, is an inexpensive material for use on any pavement in or around your residence.

However, just like most materials, asphalt paving could develop problems that may require repair and maintenance such as patching. Fortunately, JM Paving is here to provide you with all the blacktop services you need, including asphalt patching. We are fully licensed and insured to provide you with the best looking pavements you can ever imagine.

We service Residential Driveways in Orchard Park, Lancaster, Clarence, East Aurora, Alden, Hamburg, West Seneca, Holland, Boston and other surrounding cities in New York..

For Commercial Parking Lots, we service Amherst, Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Lockport, Tonawanda, Williamsville, Lancaster, Orchard Park, Hamburg and other surrounding cities in New York.

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When is Asphalt Patching Needed?

Although it is strong enough for use on roads and driveways, blacktop is still susceptible to damages. There are various causes that could call for a blacktop patching service, such as:

  • Construction failures. If you had your residential asphalt applied by inexperienced contractors, chances are it would be prone to deterioration. It could be that the base was not compacted properly or maybe the asphalt was not at the right temperature when it was applied.

  • Water issues. Poor drainage can also cause a blacktop road to collapse, break or fall. Also, years of exposure to hard rains could wear out your driveway.

  • UV/Sunlight exposure. Over-exposure to sunlight could cause the once flexible asphalt to dry out and shrink.

  • Gas and oil. Exposure to these elements can cause blacktop to soften, making it more prone to damages.

Blacktop or Asphalt Patching

Asphalt patching is a method of replacing severely damaged areas with new asphalt. You will know that it is time for repair when it has a lot of cracks, breaks, gaps, distorted areas, and disintegrated asphalt.

When we perform asphalt patching, we start by cutting and removing the damaged blacktop one foot from where deterioration is evident. This ensures that all the weak areas are removed. As for depth, this depends on how often that area is used and how damaged the sub-base is.

When the dug area is now cleaned and tightly compacted, a tack oiled for adhesion is applied. If heavy duty asphalt patch and repair is needed, a new base of crushed stone is applied first to make it more durable. Once all these are compacted really well, about three inches or more of hot asphalt is poured. This is then rolled and compacted until it settles and adheres well enough onto the surface.

Asphalt Patch that You Can Rely On

We at JM Paving take pride on our skill and expertise when it comes to your asphalt patch and repair needs. We use quality asphalt and state-of-the-art tools and equipment to make sure that your residential asphalt paving is aesthetically appealing and structurally sound. Whether you are in Yorkshire, Springville, Buffalo, or anywhere in New York, our team would gladly provide patching and repair services to make your blacktop pavements good as new again.

No matter how big or small the area that needs to be patched, we give it our absolute best all the time. So call us now to learn more about the asphalt patching service we offer and to know your options.

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