Dug out and relaid our horrible driveway. They did a fabulous job. Exceeded our expectations. This contractor took the time to meet with us before, during, and after installation, and made calls to us in between. This is a family owned business that gives a personal touch, is well priced, and does a fab job. Highly recommend.

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Blacktop — Asphalt Repair

Asphalt is one of the most cost-effective paving materials for driveways, pathways, garage floors, and parking areas. Compared to pricey interlocking pavers, poured concrete, brick, basalt, and other natural stones, asphalt is a perfect material for budget-conscious property owners.

Here at JM Paving, we take pride in our expert solutions for asphalt problems. We can handle any asphalt crack repair job that may be required by our valued clients. If you think your own asphalt surfaces already need expert intervention, call us immediately. We will ensure that proper asphalt and concrete crack repair solutions are done immediately to prevent further damage to your asphalt and concrete surfaces.

We service Residential Driveways in Orchard Park, Lancaster, Clarence, East Aurora, Alden, Hamburg, West Seneca, Holland, Boston and other surrounding cities in New York.

For Commercial Parking Lots, we service Amherst, Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Lockport, Tonawanda, Williamsville, Lancaster, Orchard Park, Hamburg and other surrounding cities in New York.

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Asphalt Cracks

Over time, constant exposure to water seepage can make asphalt weak. When subjected to constant freeze-thaw conditions, asphalt surfaces tend to develop cracks that could greatly ruin their look and functionality.

Additionally, the pressure brought by the vehicle or foot traffic also contributes to asphalt cracks. When the cracks are already highly visible and obviously affecting the vehicles or people treading the asphalt surfaces, then it's either you have them resurfaced or just have a crack filling job done outright. This is particularly important if the area involved is a driveway. This could be very inconvenient and even dangerous to drive over a surface with large cracks along its length.

Crack Filling using Concrete Crack Fill

Using premium concrete crack fill and crack filling asphalt materials, our workers ensure that every crack, no matter how small or inconsequential it may seem, will be properly repaired. We know from our extensive experience handling similar projects, that a single neglected crack can enforce a domino effect that can get way out of hand. Surely, you'd prefer a preventative maintenance job than do damage control, right?

Asphalt Crack Repair

Fortunately, everyone in our staff knows how to repair asphalt cracks. Our asphalt solutions experts carefully identify the specific areas that need repair; not only the visible but also areas that are prone to cracks. This way, when we perform the maintenance job, the pavement will not encounter problems anymore like cracking or settling of the concrete or asphalt.

Our workers carefully remove all chipped asphalt from the entire work area prior to the main repair efforts. Only when the surface to be repaired has been thoroughly cleaned will our workers apply our asphalt crack repair solutions. After our work, your asphalt pavement—whether it's a parking area, a driveway, or a jogging path—will look like new again.

Hire Us for Your Blacktop or Asphalt Repairs

No matter how large the affected areas may be, we can nevertheless provide a new lease of life to your asphalt surfaces. With our premium crack filling materials, a badly damaged asphalt driveway or garage surface will eventually look as if it was paved just yesterday. Best of all, we offer our professional blacktop crack repair services at very competitive prices that you can surely afford.

Hire us today and let us handle all your asphalt crack repair needs.

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