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A Successful Paving Business

As the owners of a flourishing paving business, Joe and Michele Tudor are a perfect example of the popular adage that advises entrepreneurs to "do what you love" if they want to be successful. Now in its second decade, JM Paving is busier than ever, taking on complex projects that other pavers shy away from, adding new equipment to enhance service offerings, using high-quality materials, and generally ensuring that every customer is treated fairly and honestly. "We are a very conscientious paving company," says Joe Tudor. "We don't skimp on materials, and we give every customer what they pay for, including going back to take care of complaints or problems - if there are any."

Before establishing JM, Joe owned a landscaping company and had been operating heavy machinery since his early teens, but he had come to the conclusion it was time to move on, and he began to look around for a new opportunity. When a close friend who owned a paving business started making plans to retire, several of the soon-to-be unemployed workers approached Joe about taking on the business. Intrigued by the idea of bringing his years of professional experience to a new industry, Joe met with all of the key players and struck a deal to take the reins and start paving.

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Starting with a Paving Machine

With a used paving machine and just five employees — a couple of experienced paving guys from the original business, a couple from Joe's landscaping company, and a truck driver friend — JM Paving started out small, but as they built a reputation for good quality work, the company grew steadily. In 2007, the Tudors replaced their second-hand asphalt paver with a brand new LeeBoy I000F. "Joe hates breakdowns," explains Michele Tudor, who serves as the company's office manager. "His equipment means more to him than the purchase price. He likes a good reputation. He likes dependability."

In June 2010, JM purchased a LeeBoy 250-gallon tack tank, enhancing their ability to work in larger parking lots, In January 2011, they traded in the 1000 model paver and bought a 7000. Just over a year later, JM traded in the 7000 for a LeeBoy 8500B. "We got it for the quality of the machine," Joe says. “And the 15-foot paving width is a big deal. We can go a lot faster. We can push trucks and do larger parking lots."

In Spring 2013, they added a new Hamm HD 1OC roller. "The HD 10C’s foldable ROPS (roll over protection structure) means that an operator who is rolling into a garage can just pull a pin, get inside to do what they need to do, and get back out without any delays," says MT District Manager Mark Sandle, who helped the Tudos with their purchases. "A roller with this option always avoids the liability that goes hand in hand with removing the ROPS, which is the traditional way it's done."

"Between the new paver and roller, we're getting a nice, more compacted mat,” Joe says. “We're going faster than ever, and our customers are getting a better quality product."

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Being a Successful Paving Contractor

"JM Paving is a textbook story about growth," says Mark Sandle, "Joe started small and as his business grew, he updated his paver to handle bigger jobs. I think the company's success comes from attention to detail, and pride in workmanship, listening to his customers' needs, and understanding what they'd like to see done."

Leeboy 8500B

JM purchased the new equipment from Monroe Tractor because after years of doing business with Mark, it's clear MT will take care of their needs, from the initial purchase to ongoing support. "When we got this new paver, both MT and LeeBoy sent reps out on one of our first jobs," Michele recalls. "In one day, they were able to show Joe things that it might have taken him months to figure out on his own. Mark set everything up so we wouldn’t miss a beat,"

Providing Blacktop Services in NY

Fully licensed and insured, JM Paving serves all of Western New York, providing complete blacktop services from offices in Holland, New York, and a shop located in Lancaster, New York. "Homeowners and customers are extremely impressed with the crew," Michele says. "We are very efficient, and everyone works well together. Joe and I hear it almost every day."

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